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Stranger at the Door (2004) - two original compositions featured in the film

Performed on MSNBC during the Mitch Albom Show


Original Compositions played on:

#IndieRock #AltRock #DetroitRock #TommyRed

Lots of amazing things happening in the Detroit music scene, honored to be a part of it! Check out my socials and bio below:

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A bit about me:

I took up drums at the age of 5 and have been jamming ever since. At age 11 I discovered the guitar and it instantly became my instrument of choice. I did the band thing for a long time and had a blast with it, but these days my interest is songwriting and recording. I still enjoy performing, but I spend more time at the studio laying down original tracks. I originally wrote for an alternative/ retro rock band, but I enjoy composing in many genres, including rock, hip hop, blues, pop and country. Check out my music page for a few original compositions and lyrics #TOMMYRED



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